Young animals and health

The best nutrition builds healthier animals

Young animals are at their most vulnerable immediately after weaning. At this stage in life, there is a high risk of infections that compromise growth and, worst case, result in mortality.

This is why highly digestible proteins are essential in young animal feed. By minimizing the amount of non-digested protein in the gut, they leave little substrate behind for pathogens such as E. coli, which are the frequent cause of diarrhea.

HAMLET PROTEIN specialty soy proteins are proven to reduce diarrhea and mortality. By helping to maintain a well-balanced gut, they play an important role in healthy animal growth. We often hear from farmers who have reduced their use of expensive medication as a result.

The best carbohydrates for the gut

Research points to the carbohydrates in our products as a driver of balanced digestive health in piglets and poultry.

Tests have already documented the ability of our protein solutions to enhance healthy growth and development when added to animal feed.

Investigations of the carbohydrate content have confirmed its major role in:

• Improving nutrient breakdown and absorption in the small intestine
• Reducing the substrates for potentially harmful bacteria
• Increasing the availability of substrates for positive bacteria
• Slowing feed transit through the digestive system

Altogether, that adds up to the right conditions for raising healthy animals on a cost-effective diet with maximum performance.

The higher the viscosity of the feed, the slower its transit through the digestive system. This is an important health advantage, as it allows more time for enzymatic breakdown and absorption of feed nutrients. Due to our unique production process, the carbohydrates in our products have the ability to raise feed viscosity through their water and fat-binding capacity.

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