Digestibility and growth

High digestibility speeds up weight gain

Young animals gain weight faster when their feed contains HAMLET PROTEIN ingredients. This can be explained by the high digestibility of our proteins, which makes them easy to absorb.

By gently removing the anti-nutritional factors that limit the digestibility of native soy protein, we ensure the bioavailability of the amino acids that are the building blocks for growth.

Feeding trials have found that our specialty soy proteins improve the feed conversion rate and average daily weight gain of young animals. 

World class digestibility 

Standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of crude protein:

93% - HP 300 for piglets
100% - HP AviStart for broiler chickens

92.5% - HP 100 for calf milk replacers

Source piglets: Urbaityte et al., 2007; Yang et al., 2007; Cervantes and Stein, 2010; Soenderby et al., 2014

Source broiler chickens: HAMLET PROTEIN Feeding Trial Report FTB07, FTB09 (studies from ILVO, Belgium)

Source calves: L. Montagne, J. P. Lallès INRA Prod. Anim., 2000, 13 (5), 315-324.

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