Our performance is always on trial

International research institutes, test farms and customers regularly test our products in feeding trials. The findings document the nutritional and functional advantages of our products and their long-term effect on animal performance overall.

Most importantly, the trials keep us on our toes – so we continue to deliver value-adding solutions to farmers around the world.

Proven protein is the best investment for broilers

Thai feeding trial finds HP AviStart from HAMLET PROTEIN gives the highest end weight, lowest FCR and the best quality breast meat. That makes it the most profitable choice.

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Newly hatched chicks need a starter feed enriched with nutrients that their immature guts can absorb. The addition of the right, high quality protein is essential to stimulate healthy growth and development from day one.

In a trial conducted at a leading research university in Thailand, HP AviStart was tested against a series of well-known sources of animal and vegetable protein. A 5% dose added to feed for the first seven days after hatching was observed to have a significant effect on end weight, feed conversion rate (FCR) and breast meat quality.

At the end of the 42-day trial, HP AviStart emerged as the top-performing, most cost-efficient protein – paying back an extra 5.74 Thai baht per bird.

The findings from Khon Kaen University reinforce the results of a meta-analysis of 19 similar feeding trials conducted around the world.

Source: Feeding trial report, FTB20GB, HAMLET PROTEIN

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Higher weight gain in antibiotic-free diets

A research study was carried out at Southern Poultry Research in the USA to investigate the effect on commercial broiler production when highly digestible proteins are added to antibiotic and anticoccidial-free diets.
Facts: 2,400 Cobb 500 broilers and a duration of 35 days.

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Over 35 days, 2,400 Cobb 500 broilers received either a control diet with soybean meal or a diet where 5% or 10% of the soybean meal was replaced by HP AviStart.

Broilers on both diets with HP AviStart performed better than the control, showing improved weight gain and a lower feed conversion ratio. The best return on investment, however, was obtained with 5% of our specialty protein. 

Source: Feeding Trial Report, FTB11GB, HAMLET PROTEIN

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Efficient broiler production without antibiotic growth promoters

Research has confirmed that HP AviStart from HAMLET PROTEIN is similarly effective in optimizing the weight and feed conversion rate of broilers as a well-known antibiotic growth promoter. Although the highly digestible vegetable protein was only added to broiler feed at a 5% inclusion rate for the first 14 days, the positive effect was still apparent at the end of the growth cycle.

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The trial was done with 1,800 Cobb 500 broilers

The broilers were fed three different diets: control, feed with 5% HP AviStart, and feed with BMD at 50 grams/ton.

HP AviStart was included in the starter feed only (day 0-14) while BMD was used throughout the growing cycle (day 0-42.)No anticoccidials or ionophores were used in the feed. All chicks were spray vaccinated with a commercial coccidian vaccine at the recommended level prior to placement.

Results show that the inclusion of 5% HP AviStart in the starter feed alone equals the performance of BMD when added at 50 g/ton during the entire growing cycle. This makes HP AviStart an excellent choice for maintaining growth and feed efficiency with AGP-free diets.

Source: Feeding Trial Report, FTB16GB, HAMLET PROTEIN

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Positive impact on foot pad health

Broiler chicks are most susceptible to foot pad lesions resulting from foot pad dermatitis. A contributing cause is believed to be the high content of nitrogen from undigested protein in droppings – making diet one of the factors that must be addressed to solve the issue.

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In a feeding trial, broilers were fed a starter diet with 5% potato protein, fishmeal, corn gluten or HP AviStart.

The results show that HP AviStart had the biggest impact on foot pad lesion scores, suggesting that improved protein digestibility reduces nitrogen loss in droppings.

Foot pad lesions reduced
The trial was performed with five treatments, six replicates and 37 Ross 308 broilers per replication. Feeding was divided into three phases: starter (day 0-11), grower (day 12-28) and finisher (day 29-42). After the starter phase, all broilers received standard commercial grower and finisher feeds.

The trial results show a clear difference in the incidence of foot pad lesions between starter diets. While potato protein and fish meal perform well, the lowest incidence of lesions is evident in broilers fed the diet with HP AviStart


Source: Feeding Trial Report, FTB06GB, HAMLET PROTEIN

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Improved digestibility right through life

A study has documented the ability of HP AviStart to improve the overall digestibility of broiler starter feed.

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Compared with soybean meal, HP AviStart was found to be a highly digestible, protein-rich ingredient.

The University of New England in Australia has further investigated the effect on ileal digestibility when HP AviStart or spray-dried plasma protein is added to maize and wheat-based starter diets.

Both protein sources had a positive impact, but in different ways. Spray-dried plasma protein improved broiler performance during the starter period, while HP AviStart improved digestibility later in life.

Source: Feeding Trial Report, FTB05GB, HAMLET PROTEIN


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Starter proteins lead to higher end weight

Studies have shown that high protein availability in the first few days after hatching is essential to broiler muscle development later in life.

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Feeding trials have confirmed that the addition of HP AviStart to starter feed leads to a higher slaughter weight and improved feed conversion ratio.

Source: Feeding Trial Report, FTB01GB, FTB02GB, FTB03GB and FTB04GB, HAMLET PROTEIN.