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For maximum performance gains, broiler starter diets should contain HP AviStart for the first seven to 14 days after hatching. Feeding HP AviStart longer - up to 28 days - is also used. The recommended dose is 5-10%.

Diets must be reformulated when replacing an existing protein source such as soybean meal with HP AviStart, which is higher in protein and amino acid digestibility. This will ensure the right levels of protein and energy in the starter feed.

Don´t hesitate to contact our broiler team on any questions you may have about optimization of your broiler starter feed.

HP AviStart and antibiotic-free diets? Of course!

The question of how to succeed with antibiotic-free production and what alternatives are available in the market has been the subject of many discussions.

For HAMLET PROTEIN the key consideration is the digestibility of feed and elimination of dietary anti-nutritional factors. The digestive tract is highly immature at hatching, so unless feed is easy to digest, many nutrients will pass through the digestive tract unabsorbed, resulting in poor performance.

A research study was carried out at Southern Poultry Research in the U.S. to show how a highly digestible protein in antibiotic and anticoccidial free diets can affect performance in commercial broiler production.

Results of the trial have once again confirmed that addition of HP AviStart in the diet is part of the right approach - download brochure on the trial below.

Brochure on HP AviStart in antibiotic-free diets

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