The most important week in a chick’s life

Right after hatching, chicks rely on their yolk sac while they learn to scratch for food. When their starter feed contains HP AviStart, they can digest essential nutrients from day 1. That way the yolk sac can be used to develop their immune system – making them stronger and healthier.

University and farm trials have shown that seven days of feed supplementation with HP AviStart optimizes the chicks’ genetic potential for growth over their lifetime.

Good returns at a low dose

Chicks can easily digest the rich content of essential amino acids in
HP AviStart.

Used in starter feed at a dosage of 5%, the benefits include:

  • Optimized feed conversion ratio
  • Lower mortality
  • Higher end weight
  • High return on investment

World class digestibility 

Standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of crude protein:

100% - HP AviStart for broiler chickens

Source: HAMLET PROTEIN Feeding Trial Report FTB07, FTB09 (studies from ILVO, Belgium).