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The most challenging time in the life of small piglets is during weaning, where post-weaning stress syndrome, most often identified as soft stool, is a potential risk. To avoid this, the supplementation of pharmaceutical levels of zinc oxide is a practical alternative to ease the transition phase; however, zinc oxide for medical purposes are slowly being phased out and banned in all of the European countries effectively from 2022.

What is HP FiberStart

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The post-weaning stress syndrome is associated with reduced growth and susceptibility to diseases due to animals' immature gut system. The cause of the syndrome is complex and requires multi-factorial approaches in which feed is a natural and safe alternative.

Consistent feed intake and gently movement of digesta through the gut system helps stimulating gut maturation and function during the woundable transition period from liquid to solid feed in the life of young piglets. The appealing smell and taste of HP FiberStart stimulates the piglets to eat, while the unique combination of fibers have dual functions.

The capacity to bind water and physically stimulate intestinal peristaltic gently moves the bulky digesta through the gut system while fermentable fibers contributes to gut development through butyric acid production.     

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