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Treated soybeans may generate cheaper diets

Choosing raw materials that are more expensive could generate cheaper diets and higher return on investment. An article in WATT explains why soybean meal remains the reference protein source for the majority of animal feeds and describes the non-aggressive soybean proteins that assure life performance. Read more

Minimizing oxidative stress with the right protein choice

New feeding trial shows a link between high quality protein, reduced oxidative stress and improved piglet performance. Read more

Reducing antibiotic use in young animals

Studies show that many instances of diarrhoea in young animals are caused by nutritional shortcomings. This could be prevented by better selection and composition of the ingredients in the diet – with no use of antibiotics at all. Read more

Feed holds the key to a healthy young animal gut

In a recently published article in the magazine AllAboutFeed focus is set on how feed holds the key to a healthy young animal gut. The article was published in a special edition of the magazine where the focus is on gut health in relation to young animal nutrition. Read more

Does your piglet feed overestimate protein digestibility?

In this article brought in Pig Progress nutritionist Carsten Pedersen discusses the importance of NOT using digestibility values based on growing and finishing pigs when optimizing piglet feed. Read more

Science makes feed for better performance

Focus in this article is on nutrient digestibility. In a meta-analysis conducted by HAMLET PROTEIN in collaboration with the University of Illinois, it was found that the digestibility of the amino acids (AA) in different soy-based ingredients changes as piglets become older. Read more

Cut indigestible protein - and do piglet health a favor

One of the most important parameters when evaluating feed ingredients is the digestibility of the nutrients they contain. The amount of undigested nutrients in feed and their effect on animal health however receives less attention. Read more