Feedback from the farms

Pig producers often get back to us and confirm good results when using our products in their piglet feed. Typically they replace fishmeal or another animal or vegetable protein source with either HP 300 or HP 800 Booster.

Lifting profits: Case with HP 300

The effect was immediate when the Danish farm Frihedslund exchanged the fishmeal in its piglet feed for HP 300.

Average daily gain improved, mortality fell and feed costs were dramatically reduced.

Today the farm earns 2 EUR/USD more per piglet.

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Replacing fishmeal with HP 300
Feed costs are no small concern for a farm like Frihedslund, which produces 30,000 piglets a year. So, with fishmeal prices at an all-time high, it was only natural for farm manager Dennis Gormsen to look around for a 100% alternative to the expensive ingredient.

“We had already achieved very good results with fishmeal in our homemixed piglet feed, so I was very interested to see whether HP 300 could match them,” says Dennis.
In the first quarter of the year, he removed all the fishmeal from the piglet feed in the farrowing area and piglet units and adapted the premix to HP 300.

All doubts about HP 300 rapidly disappeared. Reduced feed costs, lower mortality and increased average daily gain have added an extra 2 EUR/USD to the earnings per piglet.

“Savings on feed costs alone are EUR 36,240/USD 40,000 a year,” says the satisfied farm manager.

For some time now, he has weighed the piglets in the piglet units every week to keep a close eye on their growth and
development. That made it particularly easy to see the effect of the change from fishmeal to HP 300. 



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No diarrhea and improved FCR: Case with HP 800 Booster

Mortality is low and daily weight gain high at Lerbjerggaard pig farm, which also stands out for its very low use of medicine.

After 14 days of using HP 800 Booster in feed for the smallest piglets, the farm reported an improvement in feed conversion and no sign of diarrhea.

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The Danish pig farm Lerbjerggaard has in total 1,300 sows, which produce 40,000 30kg/66 lb piglets. Mortality is 1.5% from 5-30kg (11-66 lb) piglets, daily gain is 450-520g/day (1 lb) and feed conversion is 1.8kg (4 lb) feed/kg gain. The farm has a very low medicine consumption. It is ¼ of the average in Denmark. Medication only takes place at the individual animal or pen level.

Due to the fact that the farm had some very large week batches in the sow production – which meant weaning very small piglets around 4.5-5kg (10-11 lb) – HP 800 Booster was introduced.

After app. 14 days the staff reported that feed conversion was improved and that there was no diarrhea at all in the period.


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