Farmers can count on HAMLET PROTEIN for safe piglet weaning. Our specialty soy proteins strengthen health and performance – and give a good return on investment.

New product - HP FiberStart

HP FiberStart is a solution to piglet diets without zinc oxide. It is a concept of enzymatically co-processed protein and fiber raw materials.

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Learn more about the benefits of HAMLET PROTEIN as a highly digestible protein source in your weaning and starter feed .

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Learn more about our product program for piglet feeds.

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Performance trials

Learn more about performance from our global feeding trials.

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Practical experiences

Pig producers report good results when using our products to replace fishmeal or another source of animal or vegetable protein in their piglet feed.

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How to use

Learn about how to get the best results with HAMLET PROTEIN products in piglet diets.

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Feed Your Brain

Our knowledge hub keeps you up to date with the latest research and innovations within young animal nutrition.

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Let us Feed Your Brain!


We have put together a collection of articles on optimal nutrition for piglets and broiler chickens. Download our paper and let us Feed Your Brain!

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