Our performance is always on trial

International research institutes, test farms and customers regularly test our products in feeding trials. The findings document the nutritional and functional advantages of our products and their long-term effect on animal performance overall.

Most importantly, the trials keep us on our toes – so we continue to deliver value-adding solutions to farmers around the world.

Long-lasting effect on calf growth

HP 100 was put to the test in a feeding trial at the Grange Research Centre in Ireland. Half the dairy protein in a skimmed milk-based calf milk replacer (CMR) was replaced with either HP 100, soy protein concentrate,  soy protein isolate or specially treated soy flour.

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The test CMR formulations were given to Friesian calves from the age of 21 to 42 days. CMR was then replaced by a starter feed, comprising a concentrate of rolled barley, traditional soy flour and premix.

Six weeks after the switch to starter feed, the carry-over effect of the CMR diet with HP 100 could still be detected. Due to optimal early rumen development, calves fed HP 100 had a noticeably superior growth rate.

Source: Feeding Trial Report, FT100C08GB, HAMLET PROTEIN

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Early gut development improves feed intake

In a Japanese feeding trial, calves fed HP 100 in calf milk replacer had a noticeably higher intake of conventional starter feed and hay during the suckling period.

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The effect was achieved by replacing 30% of the milk powder in the calf milk replacer with 20% HP 100 and no use of antibiotic growth promoters. Feed intake was improved throughout the rearing period, stimulated by better rumen development in calves fed HP 100 early in life.

Source: Feeding Trial Report, FT140C15GB, HAMLET PROTEIN

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