The best alternative to dairy proteins

Calves grow best when the proteins in their feed are easy to digest. While dairy proteins used to be the first choice, today specialty soy proteins can do the job just as well.

HAMLET PROTEIN products for calf milk replacer can partially replace sources of dairy protein such as skim milk powder. In feeding trials, our products have shown convincing nutritional and economic benefits.

High quality protein for newborn calves

Calves get the most out of their feed when it contains HP 100 from HAMLET PROTEIN. Thanks to the very low content of non-protein nitrogen and other anti-nutritional factors, the essential amino acids in our proteins are easy to digest and absorb. Our patented production process also contributes to an appealing flavor.

Feeding trials have documented key benefits:

• Good weight gain
• High nutrient uptake
• Faster rumen development
• Reduced feed costs
• High digestibility

World class digestibility 

Standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of crude protein:

92.5% - HP 100 for calf milk replacers


Source: L. Montagne, J. P. Lallès INRA Prod. Anim., 2000, 13 (5), 315-324.