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The proof is in the performance

We document the value-adding performance of HAMLET PROTEIN products in international trials. At any one time, at least 30 feeding trials are underway at farms and universities.

In collaboration with academic partners, we also support research studies and PhD projects that investigate the efficiency and nutritional benefits of our proteins.

Trials and study findings are published as meta-analyses, white papers and other technical documents. All data is collected and analyzed in accordance with recognized statistical standards.

Fact: HP 300 improved live body weight for piglets by 1kg/2 lb at day 24

Source: Meta-analysis of HP 300 in piglet starter feed (49 observations, 10 countries, 10% HP 300 from 0-24 days).
HAMLET PROTEIN Feeding Trial Report, FT300P45GB01

Fact: HP AviStart improved live body weight 24-132g (0.05-0.3 lb) at slaughter

Source: Production data: HP AviStart in broiler starter feed (6 trials, 4 countries, 5% HP AviStart from day 1 to 7 or 10). 
HAMLET PROTEIN Feeding Trial Report, FTB01GB, FTB02GB, FTB03GB, FTB11GB and FTB13GB.

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