Feed safety

Safe enough for the youngest

A critical concern for farmers is that feed is safe and contaminant-free. When it comes to the youngest, most vulnerable farm animals, biosecurity is particularly important.

Our first step at HAMLET PROTEIN is to ensure our specialty proteins are made from soy that meets our rigorous specifications. In our processing plants, closed, stainless steel systems and heat treatment then minimize the risk of external contaminants and secure the high microbiological quality of our products.

Both our plants in Denmark and USA meet the criteria of the feed safety standard GMP+. On top of that our strict Feed Safety Policy ensures full traceability of both GMO and non-GMO products, allowing any batch to be easily traced if need be.

Quality control round the clock

Every week, our laboratory team analyses 200 protein samples, taken round-the-clock from our production lines. These analyses are an important part of our customer service and guarantee of high product quality.

Our lab is one of the few capable of measuring anti-nutritional factors, making this an area where we can really help customers optimize their feed.

Naturally, reliable documentation is a matter of pride - and among the reasons why customer complaints about our products are few and far between.


The GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme (GMP+ FSA) is a scheme for assuring feed safety in all the links in the feed chain. For more information on GMP, please click here

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