Young needs set our standard

The nutritional needs of young animals set the standard for everything we do. It’s a focus that is helping us to elevate international best practice in young animal feed.

High quality proteins

The outcome of our patented bio-conversion process is specialty soy proteins full of valuable nutrients that are easy to digest. Essential building blocks for healthy growth.

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Research and document

We document the value-adding performance of HAMLET PROTEIN products in international trials. At any one time, at least 30 feeding trials are underway at farms and universities.

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Changing market needs and scientific discovery drive our innovation towards ever-better proteins for young animal nutrition

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Feed safety

Our focus on the youngest, most vulnerable farm animals has equipped us to meet the most stringent quality demands for animal feed.

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Transparency and responsibility are becoming more important at every link in the food chain. We contribute by ensuring our products are produced in a resource-efficient way and that suppliers uphold our social and environmental requirements.

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