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Why 19 studies of broiler starter feed can’t be wrong

Why 19 studies of broiler starter feed can’t be wrong

HP AviStart from HAMLET PROTEIN is the consistent top performer in them all

Nineteen studies that all point in the same direction are a solid sales argument for the highly digestible soy protein HP AviStart designed for broiler starter feed. Now HAMLET PROTEIN has taken all the findings and carried out a meta-analysis that gives the full picture about how seven days of HP AviStart gives a lifetime of improved broiler performance.

Group nutritionist Carsten Pedersen, who made the meta-analysis, is not in doubt.

“The studies have been conducted by universities, research institutes and customers in some 10 countries around the world, and similar findings have been obtained many times.

“They show that the advantages are strong when using HP AviStart regardless of fluctuations in feed prices.”

Easy to absorb by immature guts

Produced by enzymatic co-processing of soybean meal and yeast, HP AviStart is a specialty protein that stands out for its high digestibility. That means the immature guts of newly hatched chicks can easily absorb the nutrients HP AviStart contains – stimulating their healthy growth and development from day one.

In all the trials included in the meta-analysis, the starter diets contained the same amount of digestible amino acids and the same energy content. HP AviStart was added to starter feed at doses ranging from 0% to 10% and tested against a soybean meal control and starter feeds supplemented with fishmeal, potato protein, corn gluten or blood plasma.

Most of the starter feeds were fed to the young broilers from day seven to 14 during trials that lasted 35 to 42 days. Only two of the trials had a 28-day starter period and ran for a total of 60 days. 

Highest weight, lowest FCR

The overall conclusion of the studies is that HP AviStart performed best across the board, giving the highest broiler end weight and the lowest feed conversion rate (FCR).

“Compared to the control diet, the improvement is significant,” Pedersen says. “Against the other ingredients – fishmeal, potato protein, corn gluten and blood plasma – HP AviStart also has a good competitive edge.”

The carry-over mechanism

Two of the studies reviewed in the meta-analysis had examined why the beneficial effect of the specialty soy protein continues way beyond the starter phase. The explanation, says Pedersen, can be found in the villus height:crypt depth ratio – otherwise known as the gut health indicator.

“Research has shown that the ratio between villus height and crypt depth is linked to protein digestibility. A high ratio is also linked to a low FCR. This is one of the mechanisms behind the life-long carry-over effect of HP AviStart.”

The best starting point when formulating starter feed with HP AviStart is 5% - at this level, the financial returns are typically eight to 12 times the investment. From then on, it’s about adjusting the feed to get the optimum performance.

The meta-analysis was also presented as a poster at ESPN in May 2017 - download it below.

Download meta-analysis on broiler performance trials

Poster presented at ESPN May 2017:

Learn more on our global feeding trials on broiler performance!

Download poster on meta-analysis

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