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HAMLET PROTEIN Nutritionist Lars Sangill Andersen speaks at FIAAP

Effects of processed proteins on swine nutrition

Lars Sangill Andersen, Nutritionist at HAMLET PROTEIN will discuss which approaches should be used when evaluating digestibility of raw materials for piglets.

From raw soybeans to soy protein isolate, the various steps of processing affect the character of the end product. To understand the influence of the various steps in processing enables the feed formulator to better create a diet with the necessary dietary benefits for the animal in question. Digestibility of the protein is not merely a calculation factor to be used in formulation to obtain the correct level of digestible amino acids, but also a tool to reduce undigested protein and reduce gut health stress. This approach enables removal of causes for gut health issues, which in turn does not have to be treated by antibiotics or overcome by addition of other perhaps expensive solutions.

FIAAP takes place in Cologne, Germany June14. Read more about FIAAP on their website here

Watch video of Lars talking about the effect of processing of raw materials: