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Hamlet Protein CEO in Milling and Grain interview

Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser was interviewed by Milling and Grain for their Industry Leader Interviews series. 

The interview focuses on Erik Vissers career in the industry and his visions for Hamlet Protein in particular. Here's the first snip of the interview:

Erik Visser has been involved in the animal feed industry for most of his career, usually in a high-ranking position, such as the company CEO. The companies he has worked for are among the leaders in the feed industry and include such prestigious names as Nutriad/Adisseo and Provimi.

In mid-2019, he took a position as CEO of Hamlet Protein, a company headquartered in Denmark that specialises in soy-based specialty proteins used in young animal feed. Erik Visser's skills as a CEO are known throughout the industry, where he is recognised as a role model and leader who demonstrates his passion for building solid teams.

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