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Faster calf growth at lower cost with new HP RumenStart

Faster calf growth at lower cost with new HP RumenStart

High quality specialty protein stimulates calf rumen development

Healthy rumen development is critical to young calves in the first weeks of life. New HP RumenStart from HAMLET PROTEIN supports this process, speeding up growth and reducing production costs.

Feeding trials confirm that pre-starter feed with HP RumenStart helps rose and rearing calves reach their slaughter weight earlier and gives heifers the best start to their life as a productive dairy cow.

Outstanding for its low content of anti-nutritional factors, the specialty soy protein is rich in high quality, highly digestible protein and bioavailable minerals – and suitable for inclusion in pre-starter feed from day two after birth.

Smooth transition from calf to ruminant

“Specialty soy proteins that are low in anti-nutritional factors, trypsin inhibitors and oligosaccharides have been used in calf milk replacer for a long time. But, until now, pre-starter feed has contained standard soybean meal, and this disturbs the development of the calf’s rumen,” says Frank van de Kolk, ruminant nutritionist at HAMLET PROTEIN.

HP RumenStart is designed to avoid this issue – giving undisturbed rumen development and minimizing the risk of a growth dip during weaning.”

Higher weight gain after weaning

In feeding trials, calves fed HP RumenStart typically gained 10kg more in weight four weeks after weaning than those fed a standard pre-starter feed. This means rose and rearing calves reach their slaughter weight in a shorter time – so total feed costs are reduced.

The high digestibility and palatable taste ensure calves gain maximum nutritional benefit from their feed and have a reduced tendency towards diarrhea during weaning. That all adds up to a strong return on investment for producers.

Download the product flyer for HP RumenStart here.

Watch video of Frank explaing the reasons behind the development of HP RumenStart: