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Create a safe starter diet with the right protein source 

Soybean meal has excellent nutritional assets and is the main protein source for poultry and pigs.  

But soybean meal also contains anti-nutritional factors, that causes damaging hypersensitivity for young piglets and chicks. In the critical first period of the young animal’s life, a diet with a high level of anti-nutritional factors like allergens can cause gut inflammation, reduced immune status and oxidative stress – the forerunner of all kinds of disease issues.

In the in-depth article published in WATT, Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D explains how non-aggressive soybean proteins, like HAMLET PROTEIN’s enzyme-treated HP 300 bypasses the issue of hypersensitivity while maintaining their nutritional value. He explains how extraction and enzyme treatment reduces the allergens (beta-conglycinin) to a level where they no longer pose a threat to the sensitive young animals. 

Read the full article from WATT to learn more about how to gain the full benefit of the nutrients in the protein without challenging the sensitive digestive system.

Read the full WATT article here.