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Broiler super pre-starters: the clean soy concept

With the right nutritional care, poultry producers can boost the performance of their broilers in the first vital days post-hatch and secure life-long digestive and overall performance.

An article in WATT examines why simple ingredients like cereals and soybean meal are no longer enough for young chicks in the modern broiler production. Instead we need to look in the direction of highly digestible soy proteins processed with enzymes.

The reason being that week 1 takes a greater and greater part of the chick´s life. The first diet therefore has to be razor sharp in terms of supplying the right nutrients. In this sense, the main focus for the requirements of newly hatched chicks should be on protein.

The efficiency of protein digestion is lower than that of lipids and carbohydrates in the first days after hatch. Therefore, dietary protein digestibility has a larger impact on growth in relation to the dietary carbohydrate and fat fractions. To put it simply, newly hatched chicks might be more sensitive to a shortage in available protein than in lipids or carbohydrates.

In this in-depth article published in WATT, Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D. explains how the right pre-starter diet – like using a specialty soy protein like HP AviStart - can support the maturing process, allowing the chick to gain full benefit of nutrients in the egg yolk sac. On the other hand, a traditional pre-starter diet based on simple ingredients like corn and soy-bean meal is unlikely to provide optimal results, since these ingredients are better suited for fully mature gut digestive systems.

Read the full article from WATT.

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