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Hamlet Protein joins feed exhibition in China

Hamlet Protein, multinational producer of soy-based protein ingredients for young animals, participated in the 17th CAHE (China International Animal Husbandry Expo) that took place in September in Changsha. After months of travel restrictions due to Covid-19, CAHE was the first major feed industry exhibition to welcome nutritionist and veterinarians from integrators, feed mills and premixers, as well as academics from across China. 1,200 Companies exhibited at the show that attracted more than 140,000 visitors. Read more


Hamlet Protein expands Poultry Team USA

Hamlet Protein, multinational leader in vegetable protein specialty ingredients for young animals, announced the hiring of poultry nutritionist Kyle Brown. From its US headquarters in Findlay, Ohio, the company is targeting growth in the poultry segment in North and Central America. Read more


Hamlet Protein targets Latin America

Hamlet Protein, global leader in specialty proteins for young animal nutrition, announced the hiring of two technical sales consultants to support its ambitious growth agenda in Latin America. The additional resources will focus on driving an increased market penetration in swine nutrition and support a successful entrance in the poultry markets across the region. Read more


CEO Erik Visser in Milling and Grain interview

Erik Visser has been involved in the animal feed industry for most of his career, usually in a high- ranking position, such as the company CEO. The companies he has worked for are among the leaders in the feed industry and include such prestigious names as Nutriad/Adisseo and Provimi. Read more


Hamlet Protein strengthens NCA distribution relationships

HAMLET PROTEIN announced the renewal of existing distribution partnerships and the start of new ones in Canada, Mexico and Central America. Read more


Hamlet Protein announces debt refinancing

HAMLET PROTEIN announced the completion of new financing agreements with Nordea. The agreement significantly increases the company’s liquidity and provides flexibility to pursue further growth. Read more


Hamlet Protein renews Asian partnership

HAMLET PROTEIN announced the renewal of its partnership with Jebsen & Jessen in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Read more


Hamlet Protein supports local US communities

As millions of Americans struggle with the impact of the coronavirus, a series of devastating tornados hit the Southeast US. Hamlet Protein Inc. joined forces with some of its customers and local relief organizations to support communities in general and agricultural industry employees and their families in particular. Read more


Hamlet Protein hosts seminars on leadership and nutrition

Hamlet Protein hosted a series of on-line events to engage with customers and business partners on topics ranging from animal nutrition and health to change management. The sessions saw record attendance and were much appreciated in times where travel restrictions have brought physical meetings to a standstill. Read more


Hamlet Protein strengthens swine team in USA

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Diego Navarro as Swine Nutritionist for USA, Canada and Mexico. Hamlet Protein aims to solidify our position in the US, whilst increasing our market presence in Canada and Mexico. Read more


Hamlet Protein invests in poultry 

Under new management, Hamlet Protein has started to target the poultry market more actively. With the knowledge acquired in direct interaction with nutritionist and veterinarians across the world, Hamlet Protein is now bringing its value proposition to a broader group of customers. Read more


People and product safety during Corona Virus 

Hamlet Protein has taken steps to secure product supply to customers and guaranteeing feed safety whilst minimizing the risk for employees, suppliers and customers. Read more


Novel solution for zinc oxide free diets presented at Young Animal Nutrition Summit

Hamlet Protein was among the participants at the Young Animal Nutrition 2020 summit in Amsterdam, March 2020. The event, hosted by, was attended by feed producers, farmers and scientists. At the summit, Hamlet Protein participated in the panel discussion on alternatives to zinc oxide use in piglet feed and hosted the roundtable discussion on fibers and organic acids. Read more


Hamlet Protein targets poultry and swine markets in USA

Hamlet Protein recently participated in major trade shows in USA to address swine and poultry markets. At both Iowa Pork Conference in Des Moines and IPPE in Atlanta, Hamlet Protein staff met with industry professionals and academics. Supported by key note speakers at the associated technical seminars we successfully shared the latest technical insights on how our portfolio addresses nutrition and health challenges. Read more


Hamlet Protein invests in renewable energy

On 18 December 2019, the biggest heat pumping facility in Denmark opened at Hamlet Protein in Horsens. Waste heat from Hamlet’s production facility is transferred into the heating of 3,300 local households. This unique public-private cooperation clearly confirms Hamlet’s commitment to sustainable production processes, resulting into a direct gain for both climate and community. Read more


Hamlet Protein supports science at ADSA Conference in Illinois, USA 

At the ADSA Conference 2019 in Illinois, USA, Hamlet Protein provided scientific contributions to the University of Illinois, Urbana that resulted in 2 scientific poster presentations. Read more


New Vice President Sales & Marketing for NCA 

We are pleased to announce thatGrady Fain has joined the HAMLET PROTEIN team in North America. Read more


Hamlet Protein CEO in Milling and Grain interview

Our CEO Erik Visser was interviewed by Milling and Grain for their Industry Leader Interviews series. Read more


Hamlet Protein hosts successful technical seminar in China

This September we co-hosted a technical seminar in Guangzhou, China. The seminar focused on how to prepare for the expected ban of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) and use of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) in animal diets in China. Read more


New Sales Manager CEE at HAMLET PROTEIN

We are pleased to announce that Dawid Kolacz has joined HAMLET PROTEIN in the role of Sales Manager CEE. Read more


HAMLET PROTEIN selected for oral presentation on performance in birds with necrotic enteritis at PSA, Canada

We are proud to be gold sponsor at PSA - one of the leading conferences in the poultry industry and even more to be selected for an oral presentation on performance in birds with necrotic enteritis. Read more


Hamlet Protein presents novel solutions for zinc oxide free diets

We have been working on the development of a practical solution that provides an alternative to zinc oxide and helps prevent diarrhea in young animals. HP FiberStart is a product used in the first diet post-weaning to alleviate weaning problems while keeping the piglets growing. Read more


Impressions from the Zero Zinc Summit

By June 2022, all EU countries must cease to use therapeutic levels of Zinc in animal feed by law. The Zero Zinc Summit in June presented a wide range of acknowledged speakers who shared their knowledge on how to replace ZnO in the diets for newly weaned piglets. Hamlet Protein was a GOLD sponsor at this important conference with more than 450 participants. Read more


HAMLET PROTEIN receives delegation from P.R. China

HAMLET PROTEIN received a delegation of Chinese industry professionals and scientists in Horsens. While Denmark is addressing the Zinc Oxide ban, China is struggling with an unprecedented African swine fever outbreak. Read more


New Sales Manager in North America

We are pleased to announce that Nicole Boettger has joined the HAMLET PROTEIN sales team in North America. Read more


HAMLET PROTEIN appoints Erik Visser as new CEO

The Board of Directors of HAMLET PROTEIN has appointed Erik Visser (49) as Chief Executive Officer effective June 1st, 2019 Read more


Poster presentations at the BOKU Symposium in Vienna

We presented 2 posters on calf nutrition at this year's BOKU Symposium Animal Nutrition Read more


Excess Heat from HAMLET PROTEIN to Supply 3300 Households in Horsens with District Heating

The excess heat from HAMLET PROTEIN A/S’s plant in Horsens will now benefit the district heating customers of the city. Fjernvarme Horsens and HAMLET PROTEIN has signed an agreement which in the first year alone constitutes 70,000 MWh equal to the heating consumption of approx. 3300 households. Read more


Feed Your Brain Seminar at VIV Asia 2019, Bangkok

Thank you for stopping by our booth at VIV Asia and attending our Feed Your Brain seminar with Dr. Alfred Blanch and Dr. Elke von Heimendahl. Read more


Dietary sources of oxidative stress and inflammation

When choosing diets for young animals, it is extremely important to avoid ingredients that can cause gut damage before spending on additives for enhancing gut health, suggests an articles in Feed Strategy. Read more


New Poultry Nutritionist at HAMLET PROTEIN

We are pleased to announce that Joshua Steed has joined HAMLET PROTEIN in the role of Poultry Nutritionist for North America. Read more


Less oxidative stress means healthier piglets

According to a new article in Pig Progress, the high quality proteins reduce the post-weaning stress impact, which is associated with oxidative stress. Read more


Join the webinar: Establishing the microbiota in the pig

Reaching a beneficial intestinal microbiota early in life is desirable for piglets, as microbiota will impact their future health. The contribution of gastrointestinal tract microbiota to pig health and performance, including metabolism of nutrients, stimulation of immune response, and protection is becoming increasingly evident. Read more


Thank you for stopping by at EuroTier 2018

We had a great time at EuroTier this year and we would like to say thank you for attending our Feed Your Brain seminars with Dr. P. Ferket, Dr. H. H. Stein and Dr. H. Schuberth. Read more


Create a safe starter diet with the right protein source 

Choosing the right protein source can protect young animals from disease in the first vital period of their life. An article in WATT examines how the right choice of feed ingredient can imply a safer and eventually cheaper diet for young animals. Read more


Seminar Roadshow in Asia with Danish Farm Concept

+40 Piglets/sow/year was the headline for a seminar roadshow held by Danish Farm Concept in Asia. The overall purpose was to spread successful stories of the Danish Pig farming model. Read more


How to avoid the weaning dip?

An article in Dairy Global brings to light the importance of introducing the right pre-starter feed. As calf guts undertake a significant change within the first ten weeks of life, choosing the suitable feed is vital for a sound lifecycle performance. Read more


Poster Presentation at the 14th International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs

HAMLET PROTEIN will attend the International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs 2018 with an abstract on The effect of protein source on weaning diarrhea and performance in piglets. Read more


New Poultry Nutritionist at HAMLET PROTEIN

We are happy to announce that John Thomson has accepted the position of Poultry Nutritionist. John has extensive experience in nutrition, feed composition and production as well as sales. Read more



This year, HAMLET PROTEIN sponsored one of the largest swine dedicated conferences in IOWA. Dr. Gary Fitzner, nutritionist and Jill Graham, sales manager at HAMLET PROTEIN attended the 7th Annual Iowa State Swine Day. Attendance was the largest ever and more than 50% of the US swine producers were represented in Ames, Iowa for the one day event. Read more


Broiler super pre-starters: the clean soy concept

An article in WATT examines why simple ingredients like cereals and soybean meal are no longer enough for young chicks in the modern broiler production. Instead we need to look in the direction of highly digestible soy proteins processed with enzymes. Read more


Protein link to oxidative stress and piglet performance

New study suggests high quality proteins may hold the key to healthier, stronger piglets during the stressful weaning phase Read more


HAMLET PROTEIN on CAHE 2018, Chongqing

HAMLET PROTEIN exhibited on China Animal Husbandry Expo in Chongqing May 18-20, 2018. Our entire Chinese team was there to introduce HP 300, meet customers and attend seminars. Read more


New Global Poultry Segment Manager

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Alfred Blanch in the position of Global Poultry Segment Manager at HAMLET PROTEIN. Read more


New Poultry Sales Managers at HAMLET PROTEIN

We are happy to welcome Colby Cummings and John Dickerson to our strong poultry team. Colby and John will serve our customers at the American market. Read more


Appointment of new calf nutritionist

In the continued effort to increase HAMLET PROTEIN’s commercial and technical
knowledge and to further support the European market, we are pleased to announce
the appointment of Timo Schaefer as Calf Nutritionist at HAMLET PROTEIN. Read more


Opening ceremony of the HAMLET PROTEIN Qingdao office

On January 24, 2018, HAMLET PROTEIN held an opening ceremony in the newly-decorated Qingdao office. It was a festive event with guest, refreshments and a presentation of our collected Chinese team. Read more


Skip the weaning dip with the right calf pre-starter

Calf producers face a major hurdle when introducing milk-fed calves to their first solid feed diet. In a new article our Group Nutritionist Christine Brøkner, PhD explains how to best deal with this challenge. Read more


Reducing antibiotic use in young animals

In a recently published article in All About Feed focus is set on how many instances of diarrhea in young animals are caused by nutritional shortcomings. This could be prevented by a better selection and composition of the ingredients in the diet – with no use of antibiotics at all. The article is published in a special edition of the All About Feed magazine on Antibiotic Reduction. Read more


Join Feednavigator webinar on early calf nutrition

Recent data has shown the potential of nutrition and management during the first few months of life to influence metabolic programming and, consequently, the future performance of dairy cattle. Join Feednavigator's editorial webinar and get the latest info from their expert panel. Read more


Thai study finds the best protein investment for broilers

Feeding trial confirms previous findings: HP AviStart from HAMLET PROTEIN is the consistent top performer Read more


Super-pre-starter diets - optimizing the performance of newly hatched chicks

Is it really necessary to invest in a special diet for the newly hatched chicks? New article from WattAgNet stresses the benefits of highly digestible nutrients for the youngest chicks. Read more


Knowledge is key - why we host Feed Your Brain seminars 

At World Pork Expo 2017 we hosted yet another successful Feed Your Brain seminar. Scott Moore, President of Hamlet Protein Inc in the US was interviewed by and talks about the importance of our knowledge hub and about why HAMLET PROTEIN is so beneficial for young animals. Read more


New VP Sales & Marketing NAFTA appointed as of July 10

Bryan Horn has joined HAMLET PROTEIN Inc. as VP Sales & Marketing NAFTA. Read more


New Regional Sales Manager for piglets in the US

Ronald Rampersad joined HAMLET PROTEIN Inc. as Regional Sales Manager, Piglets in the NAFTA region on May 15th. Read more


Faster calf growth at lower cost with new HP RumenStart

Healthy rumen development is critical to young calves in the first weeks of life. New HP RumenStart from HAMLET PROTEIN supports this process, speeding up growth and reducing production costs. Read more


The best broiler chicken performance can be antibiotic-free

Antibiotic growth promoters are losing popularity in the USA, where consumers increasingly demand meat from animals fed antibiotic-free diets. New feeding trials with a specialty protein from HAMLET PROTEIN suggest that producers can overcome the antibiotic-free challenge and improve their profits at the same time. A trial on feeding with and without AGP´s was accepted and presented as a poster at ESPN 2017. Read more


Digestible soy proteins outperform fishmeal in color chickens

Production of color chickens continues to grow in Vietnam and now accounts for more than 70% of the broiler market. Traditionally producers have chosen fishmeal as a source of digestible protein for starter feed. In a recent trial, researchers at Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City compared the performance of fishmeal and HP AviStart. Read more


Why 19 studies of broiler starter feed can’t be wrong

Nineteen studies that all point in the same direction are a solid sales argument for the highly digestible soy protein HP AviStart designed for broiler starter feed. Now HAMLET PROTEIN has taken all the findings and carried out a meta-analysis that gives the full picture about how seven days of HP AviStart gives a lifetime of improved broiler performance. The meta-analysis was accepted as a poster at ESPN 2017. Read more


HAMLET PROTEIN Nutritionist Lars Sangill Andersen speaks at FIAAP

At FIAAP 2017 professionals in poultry and pig livestock feed formulation will be presented on what's new in the industry by researchers and thought leaders from around the world. Lars Sangill Andersen speaks on the topic "Effects of processed proteins on swine Nutrition." Read more


Watch the trypsin inhibitors if you want your piglets to perform

Choosing the right mix of nutritional ingredients in the diet is critically important to improve the post weaning feed intake for young piglets. A new study published in National Hog Farmer concludes that it is important to focus on the tolerable level of anti-nutritional factors as trypsin inhibitors in swine diets. Read more


We present 3 scientific posters at ESPN

Meet us at the ESPN conference in Spain from 8-11 May 2017. We will present 3 scientific posters and our experts are looking forward to meeting you at our booth. Read more


Want to know why HAMLET PROTEIN are Young Animal Nutrition Experts?

"We simply discovered that young animal nutrition is the DNA of our company, so why not explore that expertise even more (...)?" CCO of HAMLET PROTEIN Søren Bank explains to AllAboutFeed what makes us so strong in our niche. Read more


Join us for CAHE 2017!

HAMLET PROTEIN recently opened a sales office in Qingdao, China. You can meet all of our local Chinese specialists at CAHE 2017 in Qingdao on May 18-20. Read more


What are the major challenges in feeding piglets post-weaning?

At VIV Asia in Bangkok we posed that question to Professor Rommel Sulabo from University of the Philippines. The background was that Dr. Sulabo was speaking on "Nutritional value of different soy proteins" at our Feed Your Brain seminar at VIV Asia. Read more


HAMLET PROTEIN opens sales office in China

HAMLET PROTEIN has opened a new sales office to support customers in China and South East Asia with specialty vegetable proteins for young animal nutrition. The team serving the region has also gained two new members: Regional Sales Manager Lu Kelun and Area Sales Manager Astasit Kaewnanuer. Read more


Early nutrition is crucial for young broiler chicks

An immature gut and immune system makes highly digestible feed a vital factor in securing the optimal growth of young broilers. Katia Pedrosa, poultry nutritionist at HAMLET PROTEIN, expands on the topic in an interview with Far Eastern Agriculture. Read more


Poultry Gut Health Forum now available on demand

Did you miss FeedNavigator's Poultry Gut Health Forum? The forum is now available on demand. Read more


Efficient broiler production without antibiotic growth promoters

Research confirms that HP AviStart is just as effective as a well-known antibiotic growth promoter when it comes to optimizing the weight and feed conversion rate of broilers. Read more

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