You'll be part of an organization with a strong position in Denmark and a market share of 70 percent. Our products are known around the world for delivering an efficient, high quality source of vegetable protein with a strong return on investment. With your expertise and knowledge of the market we'll build that success across the boarders as part of our fully-funded growth strategy. We want to approach sales as discussion partners and offer the best solutions for our customers by offering them the knowledge they need to get those results. 


Global Sales Network

With products sold in more than 50 countries worldwide through direct sales and business partners, you'll establish close customer relations across borders. We manage direct sales in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, USA and China. Our biggest market is the European market with 60 % of our sales, while Asia takes up 25 % and the remaining 15 % of our sales are in America. And your expertise and experience will support our fully-funded growth strategy to build home markets.

Sales and Technical Service

Being a truly global sales organization, we operate with three departments covering North America, Asia and Europe & the rest of the world (EUROW). As part of the sales team you travel a lot to meet with your customers, potential customers and attend fairs and seminars. You'll join a culture build on independance and a pro-active "can do" mentality where we offer you a high level of freedom to structure your work day around your customers.


Our Nutritionists are at the core of how we do sales at HAMLET PROTEIN. We do not simply sell a product, we offer an expertise to get the best performance with our products. You use your expertise and provide technical support for your sales colleagues, business partners and customers. You also play a key role in our ongoing feed trials to support our leading global market position.

Sales Support

Our Sales Support team delivers excellent sales support to our highly specialized sales team. In this team you'll have a high level of responsibility while maintaining data in Navision and creating quotes, contracts and calculations for our Area Sales Managers. Succeeding together is the only true way of succeeding in Sales Support.

Sustainably Sourced Protein

At HAMLET PROTEIN, we source our soy raw material from the world’s leading soy-producing countries in North and South America. All suppliers must be approved according to our quality management system. In addition, we aim to buy only from producers that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.