We believe a good start makes all the difference and to provide you with the best start in your application process with HAMLET PROTEIN, we've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions (and their answers) for you.

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I've recently submitted an application. What will happen next?

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Can I drop off my application in person or send it by email?

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How can I prepare for an interview?

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I've been asked to complete a Behavioral Profile. Why?

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I thought I was a great fit for the position. Why did I get rejected?

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It's been more than six weeks since I applied. Why haven't I heard anything?

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Other Questions

Where is your office?

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Who will I work with?

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Do you offer internships and/or master's thesis collaborations?

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How is my data handled?

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Contact the HR team:

Birgitte Oslender


Phone: +45 24 82 60 96

Email: bos@hamletprotein.com

Anette Høgsted

HR Business Partner

Phone: +45 76 25 56 12

Email: aho@hamletprotein.dk

Lynn Miller

Human Resources Manager

Phone: +1 567 525 5695

Email: lmi@hamletprotein.com

Janni W. Nielsen

Talent Attraction Specialist

Phone: +45 61 78 84 43

Email: jwn@hamletprotein.dk