From Operations to R&D to Technical Sales, your work will make a difference for our customers all over the world. Every day we develop, produce and sell the best quality ingredients for young animal feed, because we believe a good start makes all the difference. You can help farmers grow their young production animals stronger and healthier. No matter what you do or where you are in the world: you make a difference.




A global distribution network of 50+ countries

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We are Thought Leaders

We exist to give farmers the best ingredients to feed their young animals. Every year our employees plan and execute 15-20 feeding trials worldwide. They share their subject matter expertise and our latest research at numerous conferences, presentations and educational seminars. We even host our own seminars - Feed Your Brain - where we invite top experts in the field. Now you can become a thought leader - whether you're in sales, finance, maintenance or something else, your thought leadership makes a key difference for farmers and animals everywhere.

We Succeed Together

When we work together we grow together. Our quality engineers couldn't do what they do without the help of our control room operators. And our R&D department develops products of high quality with the help of our segment managers and nutritionists. Everywhere you go, we collaborate across functions and departments. Because together, we deliver concrete performance and profitability for our customers. Together, we succeed.


Four Plant Expansions in Six Years

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We Build on Science

Your work helps farmers reduce their use of zinc oxide and antibiotics through our products, regardsless of your function. Every year we initiate 12 projects and multiple collaborations with universities to help develop sustainable and innovative new solutions. And every day you come to work at HAMLET PROTEIN, you make a difference. You strengthen the science we need to create healthier, safer and more sustainable animal production to feed the world. We build on science to give animals the best start possible.

We Make a Difference

Minimizing the environmental impact of our production was a top priority from our first product launch. Today, you can rest assured steam is the sole emission from our plants in Denmark and the USA. We follow the principles of ISO 50001 and excess heating from our plant in Horsens is heating up houses of the municipality. We make a difference for animals everywhere. We make a difference for the environment. Because we have people like you.

12 R&D Projects Annually

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We are Pioneers

With four factory expansions in six years in Findlay, Ohio, we continue to pioneer the industry - and you can pioneer it with us. Our employees have a "can do"-work attitude and a pioneering spirit that will make you always look forward to going to work. We participate in innovative research projects. We are the first company in Denmark to collaborate with the municipality about our excess heat. We are pioneers. And you can be too.

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