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New article: Minimizing oxidative stress with the right protein choice

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[VIDEO] Calves grow best when the proteins in their feed are easy to digest

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Seminar Roadshow in Asia with Danish Farm Concept

+40 Piglets/sow/year was the headline for a seminar roadshow held by Danish Farm Concept in Asia. The overall purpose was to spread successful stories of the Danish Pig farming model. Read more


How to avoid the weaning dip?

An article in Dairy Global brings to light the importance of introducing the right pre-starter feed. As calf guts undertake a significant change within the first ten weeks of life, choosing the suitable feed is vital for a sound lifecycle performance. Read more


Poster Presentation at the 14th International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs

HAMLET PROTEIN will attend the International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs 2018 with an abstract on The effect of protein source on weaning diarrhea and performance in piglets. Read more


Calves grow faster on the most digestible protein

Study finds consistent weight gain in calves fed HP RumenStart from HAMLET PROTEIN – with no weaning dip Read more


Broiler super pre-starters: the clean soy concept

An article in WATT examines why simple ingredients like cereals and soybean meal are no longer enough for young chicks in the modern broiler production. Instead we need to look in the direction of highly digestible soy proteins processed with enzymes. Read more


Protein link to oxidative stress and piglet performance

New study suggests high quality proteins may hold the key to healthier, stronger piglets during the stressful weaning phase Read more