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The highly digestible protein in our new product HP AviStart helps give chicks the very best start.

HP AviStart, a unique protein source, is derived from soy beans and yeast. Compared to standard soy proteins, it contains a very low level of the anti-nutritional factors that limit the absorption of feed nutrients.

Easy digestibility ensures that the chicks gain full benefit from the product's high level of essential amino acids. Our new product for poultry diets can be used with attractive economical advantage in the pre-starter feed (0-10 days).


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Why use a pre-starter in the poultry diet?

An emphasis on the quality of the feed at this early stage will prove to be a sound investment in strong and uniform growth of the broilers.

 Poultry flyer chart
Effect of pre-starter on the complete growing period in broilers (Swidersky, 2002)


Soy bean meal is the most used protein ingredient in poultry diets today. Very young birds may, however, be affected by the inherent content of various anti-nutritional factors in terms of both growth and general health.


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