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On-time delivery is a cornerstone at HAMLET PROTEIN and we go to great length to ensure that every order is processed as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Our logistics department is responsible for deliveries and dedicated to offering you the solution that best suits your requirements.

You can choose to let HAMLET PROTEIN handle all practicalities regarding your delivery including dispatch, insurance and relevant paper work – or you can make your own arrangements. Either way you can rest assured that we take every precaution to eliminate the risk of contamination from other feed sources, thoroughly checking all vehicles before loading.

Drawing on years of experience with deliveries, HAMLET PROTEIN also offers to handle all necessary quality documentation procedures.

HAMLET PROTEIN’s products can be delivered as:

- 50 lb bags and 25 kg bags
- Totes of 1,000 kg/2,204 lb
- Bulk hopper trucks

As it is essential to us that all goods reach their destination in perfect condition, we track every shipment and haulage on their way to the customer.

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