Hamlet Protein

Application dialogue

Regular customer contact remains a top priority for HAMLET PROTEIN. To us dialogue gives rise to the very best solutions and we are more than happy to share our extensive knowhow with customers.

HAMLET PROTEIN’s direct customer service offers:
•    Individual consultations with our experienced nutritionists
•    In-house seminars, focusing e.g. on nutritional aspects  
•    Individual recipe suggestions/optimization
•    Sharing of recent results and knowledge gained from current feeding trials
•    Testing of new prototypes – either at the customer or in our pilot plant
•    Analytical service (e.g. analyses of anti-nutritional factors in other products)

Staying at the cutting edge of new knowledge within our field allows us to provide customers with reliable application information, product documentation and advice – and we are dedicated to continuing the advancement of our industry in order to offer value-added feed ingredient solutions.  


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